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Main Features

BTC to Gold in 5 Days

Globally Accessible

LIQUIDBASE accesses liquidity through the security of vaulting and the power of LBMA protected gold within an on demand global network

Access Liquid Networks

LIQUIDBASE is powered by a Globally based Commodity group serving diversified investors for over 100+ years.

Privately Exchange

Our Vaulting partners facilities adhere to the strictest LBMA global compliance standards. Enjoy the same privacy and security standards of the worlds top financiers and metals holders.

Exchange Intelligently

LIQUIDBASE works with non-bank vaulting facilities. Operated by the world’s most-secure vaulting services, and integrated within the LBMA Good Delivery network.

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Utilizing the Weight of Gold as a Service

Providing bespoke services for all liquidity solutions that are powered by LBMA Gold

Commodity & Rates

We choose the best exchange rate and offer it to you. Partner's rates are your rates. We are here to serve you.

Vaulting & Personalized

We have created unique liquidity solutions, personalized delivery & custom Vaulting opportunities with instant access

Secure & Trusted

Instead of Cryptocurrency owners depositing their Cryptocurrency into a wallet or smart contract owned by a central entity, owners now have the flexibility to directly sell or turn their Cryptos into precious metals or 24 global fiat currencies

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We created a simple and secure process that enables you to exchange your Cryptocurrency for liquidity.

The first decentralized digital currency
Focuses on privacy and decentralization.
Bitcoin Cash Brings sound Money to the world.
Enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.


2398+ Exchanged
24+ Crypto's Offered
4 Team Members
Cups of Coffee, Yes Please


LiquidBase provides comprehensive and competitive solutions for individuals looking to purchase, transport, store metals or move to precious cash.

Liquid Now
Speed of Transfer 3-5 Business Days
World Wide Coverage
Limit Lifted
Standard Support
Exchange Now
High Net
Speed of Transfer 3-5 Business Dayss
World Wide Coverage
Increased Maximum Limits
Priority Support
Speed of Transfer 5-7 Business Days
World Wide Coverage
Increased Maximum Limits
Priority Support
*(Lead time due to physical gold procurement and transfer)
In doubt? Check out FAQ and don’t hesitate to contact us.
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14 Wall Street, 20th Floor NEW YORK NY 1000
Phone Number: (212).763.6594
Email: support@liquidbase.io